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Releasing my National cover for free yesterday made me want to do more of that.

A FREE digital copy of Candescent is available until 2/4 at 9am PST.

"But Kiersten, how do I get it?"

Oh that’s easy, you wonderful anonymous human.

  1. CLICK the following link
  2. CLICK “Buy Now” 
  3. THROW a huge 0 on it (I mean, you can’t change the font size but you can zoom in. or get your face really close to the screen or something, ok?”

p.s. there’s only so many free downloads so get it while you can

And tell your pals! or your enemies! Maybe it will help smooth things over! And then you can be pals!


I felt like Tumblr was getting left out so I decided to extend my contest this-a-way too (winner for Facebook, winner for Tumblr).

If you reblog this post, it will make you instantly eligible for a FREE digital download of my EP “Ignoble” and my single “Realigned” (ft. Jeff Pianki).  

This will last til midnight tomorrow (Eastern time). Good luck!