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a lot of folks have asked me if i’m going to coachella/any other festivals this year. here is my answer.

there is so much I could say about coachella, but for now, I will just say that it’s a huge cash-grab and I think you’re kind of a sucker if you spend that obscene amount of money to experience mostly subpar music with a huge number of folks whose sole intention is to have people see what they’re wearing…. and who think they’re experiencing a modern day woodstock ‘69. which…. it could not be further from. 

is it even about the music anymore though? let’s all remember how coachella started…. to protest against ticketmaster’s astronomical prices. the money-hungry debacle and spectacle it’s become is outlandish and totally goes against everything it ever was.

so, no. 

this woman spent a good portion of her breakfast with her husband drawing him on a tiny notepad.

it seemed routine. normal.
their everyday.
he chats about how sunny it’s been lately and she draws and smiles and nods. capturing every detail of his face. perhaps in fear of forgetting those details someday as her hair becomes grayer and her memory fades.

or perhaps just because she loves to freeze these moments. these quiet breakfasts where the light so perfectly illuminates the man she chooses to grow old with.

because no one really knows how many moments… how many breakfasts… or how many drawings they’ll have the opportunity to experience again with the person they love.

hey guys. my friend ian pratt (aka @ipratt) is way too good at making really beautiful things. like this video. check out how gorgeous this thing is. 

being able to watch the sunset from my open window every night is something I have really come to cherish.
winter made me forget how good the breeze felt and the colors looked slipping into my apartment.

a day of rain, editing, candles, coffee and further chipping my nail polish via playing too much guitar.
these are my kind of days.

goodnight friends.

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goodnight friends.

"I hope you live a life you’re proud of. if you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again."

I’m turning 25 today. I can’t help but think how different these next 25 will be from the last….I really want to spend them reminding myself how amazing it is to exist. to be.

out of all of the people that have ever lived and all of the people that will ever come to be, I’m really happy I’m here amongst all of you right now. I feel honored to be journeying through life at the same time all of you are.
I hope to meet more of you talented, wonderful people in my lifetime, but for now I’m just really thankful you all exist and are doing amazing things out there.

It’s really nice to know that.

I spent most of my teens listening to music before bed. every night….

I would pick an album and shut the lights off and open the blinds so my ceiling could be illuminated by the nearby streetlight. I would rarely lie down because I would be too excited about the music I was listening to. I would just lean against the headboard and … be immersed in these albums.

I miss experiencing music like that. so deeply and so focused. I gave those artists my full attention every night and felt the music in a way that I don’t feel too often these days.

it’s why I still know every nuance and tiny sound to every one of those songs….because I craved to hear every detail of them.
I want to feel like that again, I want to fully sink in to albums like I did growing up.

I’m visiting home right now and lying in the same bed where I fell in love with music. that sounds strange, but it’s true. after talking to a dear friend tonight about our shared love for Bill Callahan, I decided to put on one of his albums and experience his music the way I used to with other artists.

it was … intense and emotional and eye opening.

music should be given our undivided attention. artists work so feverishly on every tiny little detail of a song…. let’s all start to try and hear those details… really hear them. really appreciate them. and fall in love with them the way we used to.

"i felt as though I was partly unlearning what I had never learned and yet know so well: I mean, how to live."

last night I got to watch Daniel Rossen and talk to him (as he nervously nodded and thanked me) about how amazing he sounds and how it feels to play without grizzly bear.
I also happened to meet the bassist for sharon van etten and chat with him about the new blake mills album. life is insane. I am crazy thankful tonight.